Hokkaido University has adopted the following four basic education and research principals: Frontier Spirit, Global Perspectives, All-round Education, and Practical Learning. Based on these principals, we have formulated the Future Strategy for the 150th Anniversary of Hokkaido University, to mark the anniversary in 2026. Central to our strategy is the fostering and supporting of young researchers who will lead the next generation. We are working to actively employ excellent young researchers and female researchers, and to expand the tenure track systems of all academic fields to facilitate the early development of young researchers.

In line with our strategy, the Front Office of Human Resource Education and Development (FOHRED) has launched a number of projects related to the development and support of young researchers. By doing so it has created a system and has been operating and is continuing to make further plans for the system. The projects and programs FOHRED has launched include the Hokkaido University Basic and Interdisciplinary Sciences Leader Development System (a project supporting the creation of independent research environments for young researchers) (2007-2011); the Hokkaido University Tenure Track System Promotion Program (a program to promote tenure track systems) (2011-2019); and the Formulation of Comprehensive Cooperative System for Fostering Researchers with Doctoral Degrees (a project creating a consortium for science and technology personnel development) (2014-2021).

If we are to promote university-wide human resources development, we must have stable bases for long-term activities. Once a FOHRED project ends, the front office, which bears the ultimate responsibility for its projects, adjusts the project and integrates it into the existing system. Using available resources, it works on the efficient fostering and support of  young researchers.