Development of new lipid control technologies for research on the neurological disorders

ResearcherTakeshi KONDOAssistant Professor

Neurological disorders, such as psychiatric disorders or neurodegeneration, are one of the greatest threats to public health today. Recently, increasing evidences have indicated the significance of functional lipids in various human diseases including neurological disorders.

It is reasonable that lipids play pivotal roles in various cellular processes because the cells in our bodies are distinct from outside with lipid membranes. However, lipid research is lagging behind compared to other fields due to the difficulties in analysis of lipids.

We are trying to clarify the roles of lipids in the neurological disorders using with advanced technologies such as mass spectrometry or optical technique, which will be beneficial to develop novel therapy or prevention of the diseases based on the lipid regulation.

Takeshi KONDO
Assistant Professor

Fields Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Cell biology
  • 2018FY