High-pressure and high-temperature experiments searching for chemical reaction of interior of the Earth.

ResearcherAyako SHINOZAKIAssistant Professor

Light elements such as hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen exists various environments of the Earth, from the atmosphere to the core. The nature, and extent, and flux of the light elements in the Earth are fundamental to understanding Earth’s evolution and environment.

I have tried to investigate the behavior of hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen at the subduction zone. From the subduction zone, where one lithospheric plate descends beneath another plate, some of the light elements are considered to supply into the deep Earth. Currently, I am especially interesting about the behavior of organic sediments at the subducting slab. Stability and chemical reaction of organic compounds under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions of subducting slab are being investigated using the experimental techniques. In addition, I am researching about pressure-induced structural change and chemical reaction of organic materials such as aromatic compounds in terms of material science.

Assistant Professor

Fields Earth Science, High pressure chemistry
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