Development of new rice resources for future crop production

ResearcherYohei KOIDEAssistant Professor

To meet the world food needs in the future, it is necessary to increase the grain production of world major crops. I have studied about the improvement of rice using closely related rice species. Especially, I have been using African rice species that is not well known in Japan. During the research, I have found that hybrids between African and Asian rice species show vigorous growth. However, these inter-specific hybrids do not produce seeds, and, therefore, we cannot use the inter-specific hybrids for food production. Both the vigorous growth and seed sterility seen in inter-specific hybrids are thought to be due to an interaction between genomes from the two species. In the present project, I will try to understand the effect of such genomic interactions on the performance of inter-specific hybrids using recently progressed omics and genome editing technologies.

Assistant Professor

Keyword Rice, Genetic Resources, Interspecific Hybridization, Genomics
Fields Plant Breeding, Plant genetics
  • COFRe
  • 2016FY