ResearcherJuha SAUNAVAARA


Fields Regional development and international relations
  • HOKUDAI Type
  • 2016FY


The circumstances around the Arctic are changing and the number of actors having claims concerning the region or possessing interest in it is great. In other words, the effects of these changes are not limited to the immediate shores of the Arctic Ocean. My research approaches the Arctic and northern regions from the perspective of international cooperation and regional development.

Besides being interested in the past, present and future relations between Arctic and non-Arctic states and regions (especially Japan and Hokkaido), I am involved in research concerning the local effects of the global change. In other words, I am analyzing the regional development policies (and policy-making processes) especially in Hokkaido but also in northern Scandinavia to understand how different initiatives bound to the changing Arctic are incorporated into the public policies and strategies of private actors.

At the moment, I am especially interested in questions concerning the future of the commercial shipping through the Northern Sea Route and the initiatives to build submarine communications cables through the Arctic waters. Besides possessing great international significance, these initiatives can also be seen as future prospects vis-à-vis the revitalization of Hokkaido regional economy.