ResearcherHouman GOUDARZI


Fields Medical Education, Respiratory Medicine (Asthma, allergy etc.), Genetics and Epidemiology
  • HOKUDAI Type
  • 2016FY


In Graduate School of Medicine, our goals are to provide excellent clinical practice, to conduct clinical/basic research, and to educate the next generation of medical doctors and researchers in a friendly academic atmosphere. We train and inspire our graduates to excel as superb clinicians, physician-scientists and leaders in our field to benefit all those in society.

I am trying to establish medical training courses in English, develop international academic relationships and contribute to the promotion of globalization at Hokkaido University. Furthermore, we share our scientific findings with the international scientific community and enhance the curriculum towards a more international student body, which we hope, in turn, will improve our global university ranking.

I am currently doing research on adulthood asthma in a prospective cohort. Prevalence of asthma and obesity are increasing in all of the world including Japan; therefore, I am focused on effects of obesity on asthma. I am also trying to develop biomarkers which can predict asthma exacerbation and clinical course of asthmatic patients to prevent hospitalization and improve their quality of life.

I am also applying data of a large-scale Hokkaido birth cohort focusing on allergic diseases including eczema, asthma and rhinitis to determine prevalence of allergic diseases, find allergic disease comorbidities, and identify effects of pre- and postnatal factors on childhood allergies including environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors.