Maria Stefanie DWIYANTI

ResearcherMaria Stefanie DWIYANTI

Maria Stefanie DWIYANTI

Fields Plant Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biodiversity, Plant Breeding, Secondary Metabolites
  • HOKUDAI Type
  • 2016FY


My research interest is to utilize the wealth of natural variation in plant germplasm and wild relatives to improve existing crop varieties through genetic and genomics analysis approach. Research activities include characterizing SNP haplotypes using whole genome sequence data, identifying functional markers, characterization of candidate gene, and classic genetic analyses.

My current research focuses on genetic analysis of vitamin E content in soybean and wild soybean to improve the nutritional content of soybean, and genomic prediction study of yield-related traits of bioenergy crop Miscanthus.

In near future, I am also looking forward to developing collaborations with other scientists to elucidate the genetic diversity of nutritional component in orphan crops/underutilized crops, and also traits important for increasing crop yield in non-optimum conditions.