International Symposium is held on January 27, 2022

Jan 07, 2022
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Tenure-track assistant Prof. Nako Maishi organizes international symposium below.
In this symposium, we will have presentations by female researchers who are active in the fields both in Japan and overseas.

“Understanding of Novel Biological Phenomena in Cancer and Immunology Research”

  ● Date:January 27,  9:00-11:00
  ● Venue:Zoom(No entry fee. Registration required)


1. Nako Maishi(Vascular Biology and Molecular Pathology, Dental Med, Hokkaido Univ)
“The Role of tumor endothelial cells in tumor progression”
2. Hiroko Nagao Kitamoto(Gastroenterology, Dept of Internal Medicine, The University of Michigan Medical school)
“IL-22-mediated host glycosylation prevents C. difficile infection
via modulating the luminal metabolism of the gut microbiota”
3. Masumi Tsuda(Cancer Pathology, Med, Hokkaido Univ/ Institute for Chemical Reaction
Design and Discovery (WPI ICReDD ), Hokkaido
“Research development and medical application of cancer stem
cells using high functioning hydrogel”
4. Noriko Sato(Molecular Imaging Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health)
“Rapid activation of intra tumoral immune microenvironment and IFN γ mediated tumor vessel regression”

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