Arctic and north: international cooperation, infrastructure and regional development

研究者ユハ サウナワーラ助教

My research interests can roughly be divided into four tracks: 1) Telecommunication and transport infrastructure, connectivity in and through the Arctic and northern data center industry; 2) Regional development, paradiplomacy and non-state actors’ international activity in the Arctic and North; 3) East Asian actors’ (especially Japan and Hokkaido) involvement in and engagement with the Arctic; 4) Sustainable Arctic (cruise) tourism. I analyze both contemporary and historical processes and participate actively in industry-academia-government cooperation.

ユハ サウナワーラ

キーワード Paradiplomacy Data Center Connectivity Japan Nordic countries Regional development Hokkaido Arctic
分野 北極圏の研究, 地域開発, 国際関係
  • 2016年度